Consumer Energy Interfaces (cEnergi) investigates the potential for eco-feedback to promote resilient and sustainable relationships between individuals, communities, and natural resources. We define eco-feedback broadly as information about individual or group behavior related to natural resource (water, energy, food) processes (generation, storage, waste) provided back to that individual or group.


cEnergi approaches eco-feedback research with a transdisciplinary perspective, integrating behavior science, design, computer science, and engineering. We aim to be leaders in the field in terms of behavioral theory of eco-feedback as well as design of innovative eco-feedback systems. We value and promote interdisciplinary experiences for students working in our lab. We seek funding and partnerships that align with these goals.


cEnergi was formed as a RISE initiative. The Research Investments in the Sciences and Engineering (RISE) program is designed to launch new, globally competitive large-scale interdisciplinary research activity at UC Davis. A desired outcome is that funded projects will lead to transformative knowledge and technologies that will aid in solving major problems facing our state, nation, and world.